Scary Mary
After summoning Bloody Mary,  Elly and Anna learn the ghoul's true nature.
At Large
   Two roommates on the run struggle to cope with their new reality.
Wingman - Coming soon!  
Kennedy runs into a feathered obstacle on his way to an important date.
Siren Song  (Horror)
Siren Song is a 12-page short story following a woman who seems to be called by her house at night.
To Knight the Faithless  
TKTF is an ongoing webcomic that began in April 2020. "In a last-ditch effort to fund her ill father’s recovery, Ren Harada follows the flyer for a high-risk, high-reward quest recruiting any adventurers that can kill the long lost dragon Bellarmus".
Never  (Sci-Fi)
A short project made to experiment with a time travel narrative.
Observational Drawings
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